UAE-based architect Muhammad Obaid wins Egypt’s State Encouragement Award

Dubai-based Egyptian architect Muhammad Obaid has been awarded the Encouragement Award in Arts by the State Awards, as part of Egypt’s Supreme Council for Culture (SCC).

The award is presented to individuals who have made outstanding in the fields of art, literature and social sciences.


Obaid is the founder of Emkaan, a multidisciplinary firm offering various services including urban planning, architecture, interior design as well as structural engineering and MEP.

The architect was awarded the prize for his proposal for “flying patforms” in Dubai that allow various public programmes to take place on an elevated platform using “detached cabins” that offer views over the city’s skyline.


Emkaan currently has projects across the UAE and Egypt within a number of sectors including residential, commercial and hospitality.

Part of a larger awards programme that also features the Nile Award, Appreciation Awards and Encouragement Awards, the SCC’s Excellency Award is given to seven people each year who have made outstanding contributions. Each winner recieves a silver medal and EGP 100,000.


Egyptian architect and academic Ebtissam Moustapha recieved the Excellency Award in Arts, for her various achievements in architecture, design and education.