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Muhammad Obaid- Emkaan Architect

Muhammad Obaid

Muhammad Obaid is a visionary architect whose talent immediately puts him in the first row of UAE architects. His unique talent in Biomorphic architecture has manifested itself in the designs of Al Fanar school and his award winning projects The Circadian Clouds. Additionally he have been awarded by the Supreme Council of Culture for designing and developing architectural idea of the Flying Platform project in Al Barari.

Born in Tanta, Egypt in 1979 Muhammad Obaid studied Architectural Engineering at Tanta University in 2001. In addition, Obaid has attended Cairo University specializing in urban culture conservation and land use development where he received his diploma in 2004 and graduated top of his class. He has an extensive experience of working in Historical Architecture and Conservation in Egypt, including the great sites of national historical importance

With his rich knowledge and innate skills, Obaid founded Emkaan in 2009. He has been practicing architecture, urban planning, interior design and project management since 2005 and has been pivotal in creating designs that are world class. His unique vision combined with his meticulousness has brought to life architectural structures that are beyond imagination.

Maha Khalil

Graduated from the american university of Sharjah, Ignited with her interest in culture, history, research and architectural criticism she acts as the in-house critic to ensure that EMKAAN outputs are authentic and meet international standards.

Maha Khalil - emkaan


Our team of highly qualified and talented interior design and architecture company specialists is passionate about changing environments into attractive, practical, and pleasant settings. Every project we work on is a success because of the unique skill and creativity that each team member brings to the table.

As a team of architects, amazing interior designers, project managers, and excellent staff, we make sure to provide the most accurate results. We specialize in designing practical, super durable, and attractive places. Our interior designers are pros at making stylish, functional environments that appeal to our clients' tastes here.

Our biggest asset is our team; we are proud of our work. Emkaan is the perfect choice if you're seeking a team of professionals to assist you in beautifying your home.

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Senior Architect

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Technical Manager

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Mechanical Engineer

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Electrical Engineer

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Project Manager

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Design Manager

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Interior Designer

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Site Project Manager

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