The Story

The building process often starts as an idea in ones mind that they express in words or sketches. At EMKAAN, we provide the necessary means for these words and sketches to become a reality.

This is the story of our name, which is derived from the Arabic verb makkanâ, which translates to enable. We consider it our mission to enable ideas and to transform them into reality.

Who We Are

EMKAAN Architecture + Engineering Consultancy was founded in 2009 by Muhammad Obaid and his wife Maha Khalil . Both believe that the process of successful design is about connecting minds together instead of the one man show. Since 2009 EMKAAN has been supported by a team of passionate professionals committed to listening, understanding and implementing ideas and project potential with one goal in mind: to achieve international quality standards.

The Founders

Muhammad Obaid: A visionary award winning architect, graduated from Egypt. He implements his interest in the environment, mathematics and science in his designs in search of architecture that brings joy and happiness to people.

In 2020 Obaid led EMKAAN’s team to win the international competition “Cool Abu Dhabi Challenge” with his visionary proposal “The Circadian Clouds” where technology was used to provide human comfort and joy in public outdoor spaces.

In 2019 he was awarded with the Egyptian State Incentive Award for his visionary project the Flying Platforms in Albarari, a man made natural reserve, in which the proposal merged architecture and nature to allow for human engagement with the beautiful surrounding.

Maha Khalil: Graduated from the american university of Sharjah, Ignited with her interest in culture, history, research and architectural criticism she acts as the in-house critic to ensure that EMKAAN outputs are authentic and meet international standards.