Muhammad Obaid, architect and founder of UAE’s homegrown architecture and engineering consultancy Emkaan has won the “Cool Abu Dhabi” award for The Circadian Clouds design that offers thermal comfort in outdoor public spaces, thereby increasing our engagement levels. Obaid’s “nature inspired” design was chosen by the Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu

Muhammed Obaid, principal architect, partner and manager of EMKAAN Architecture and Engineering Consultancy in Dubai says creating cooler spaces in the UAE is vital.  On a global scale, 2016 was officially the warmest year on record, with 2017 expected to follow suit.  This is according to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) which attributes the increase [&hel

From erecting 3D-printed buildings to introducing artificial intelligence, smart technology and blockchain in different industries, the UAE is transforming itself by embracing various technological advances. Its latest mission involves futuristic transportation concepts, which will unlock unheard-of possibilities in the construction and design spaces. In September, Dubai tested